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Aleksandra Tryniecka

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Bunky and the Walms:
The Christmas Story

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Bunky's incredible adventure this Christmas!

Bunky and the Walms

The Christmas Story

"Women's Literary Portraits in the Victorian and Neo-Victorian Novel:

An Intertextual Study" is a dialogical and intertextual journey through the pages of nineteenth-century novels and their modern, revisionary counterparts. It is the book not only dedicated to the readers associated with academia, but also to all literature enthusiasts, students of literature, and those readers who are fascinated by the Victorian novel, as well as by its current neo-Victorian revival.

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As warm and fulfilling as gingerbread and cupcakes, muffins and cookies and lollipops on Christmas Eve, Bunky and the Walms is a book about the joys of reading, writing, holidays and striving to be a better person. Exploring the balance between childhood dreams and adult responsibilities, the chaos of the creative life and the orderly routines of domestic society, Bunky and the Walms comes out firmly on the side of goodness and finding delight and magic in the dreams and happiness of others. Bunky and the Walms is not just a magical Christmas story but a guide for how to live a good life, an adventurous life, a Bunky life, as we all struggle through life’s challenges to become the heroes of our own stories.  

In Bunky and the Walms, Aleksandra Tryniecka invites readers, regardless
of age, to enjoy reading an interesting Christmas event in the life of the restless
yet adventurous little Bunky, who, guided by senile Santa Claus, roams
the world distributing gifts and learning lessons about Christmas values.
Interweaving other interesting narrative threads into the fabric of the fable,
Tryniecka skillfully creates out of Walmland a setting for her story, where
fairy-tale elements embrace reality.

Bruce Gatenby,
Professor of English (retired),
author of 'The Kingdom of Absurdities'
and 'A Chronicle of Wasted Time'

Ibrahim A. El-Hussari, 
Lebanese American University

 Christmas would be no fun without any presents.

In the exciting and
suspenseful story of three Christmas heroes who help repair Santa Claus’s
sledge and deliver gifts around the world, Aleksandra Tryniecka tells of
love, friendship, mutual understanding and affinity.

The tale introduces the
reader into a delightful world of Christmas magic where dream and reality
intertwine. This beautiful book, illustrated by the author herself, will appeal to children and adults alike.
A perfect family read for

the coming Christmas!

Anna Kędra-Kardela,
Maria Curie-Skłodowska University

This is a true Christmas Story! Those who do not believe in the story should read it twice. The second time loud, so their ears can hear it and with their eyes open, so they can see it. It is only then that they would realize that this is an amazing true story. I really enjoy it,  especially the story with Santa Claus.

Gregory Papanikos,
Athens Institute for Education and Research

Are you ready for

a walmfully bunky Christmas adventure? If so, visit
Walmland—a magical place

. . . where you can forget about all your worries
and meet many fantastic creatures. They will take you on a journey full
of warm light, sweet scents, joyful laughter, and good deeds. Bunky and
the Walms is a cheerful Christmas tale and a must-read for all brave little
Bunkies (as well as other nice children).

Ewelina Prażmo,
Maria Curie-Skłodowska University

Bunky and the Walms is

an exciting and heartwarming tale of self-discovery.
Narrated in a playful yet emotional and affectionate style, Aleksandra
Tryniecka’s book entices us to follow its uniquely crafted characters in their
attempt to realize their dreams. As the magic of Christmas touches all, this
beautiful narrative is a must-read for children of all age groups who wish
to find the strength to be themselves and lead the way for a better, more
tolerant, and more inclusive world.

Maria Pirgerou,
Ministry of Education        and Religious Affairs, Greece

         Bunky and the Walms:              The Christmas Story assails      the reader’s imagination delightfully hinting at practical adventure in every image.  Developing her characters, the narrator invites the reader to understand holiday conundrums with thoughtfulness and love.  Ultimately the characters are taken on an interdimensional journey of thought form and going beyond what may seem possible into reality showing readers young and old that it is ok to dream.

Christopher Stern,                Senior Spectrographic Technician, EVRAZ Pueblo


Aleksandra Tryniecka is an Assistant Professor at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Poland. In her free time she writes poetry and stories in order to accommodate her life with the right words. She enjoys the nineteenth-century British literature, especially everything written by Anthony Trollope and Wilkie Collins. One of her favourite literary characters is the Cheshire Cat. Without a doubt, Bunky is also her favourite literary character!