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'Bunky and the Walms: The Christmas Story'

Dear Readers,

Have you ever wondered what are the qualities of the true hero? I am honoured to introduce to you the protagonist of our Christmas story and the true hero of Walmland: Bunky Hippo! He is strolling peacefully among the first autumn leaves, looking forward to his favourite time of the year: Christmas! He carefully combed his fluffy ears and went out to admire the most elegant and mysterious season of the year. Yet, little does Bunky know what a special adventure awaits him! On behalf of my little, noble, courageous Bunky, I invite you to join him and his friends: Rodney and Plum, on the Christmas adventure which connects reality with literature and dreams! After all, Christmas is the time of the year when dreams come true - if only one believes!

Dreams, dreams, dreams!

What will happen if the literary world about which Bunky is dreaming while writing his secret novel enters his reality? This year’s Christmas will be Bunky’s greatest adventure, yet on this adventure he will not be alone: there will be his best friends, Rodney and Plum!

Dear Readers, let's join Bunky on his Christmas quest!

From the magical land of Walmland, through the charming Faroe Islands and to the very heart of the fantasy world of Bunkyland – Bunky’s quest to save Christmas will take him on a memorable journey through different places, but also a journey into his own heart - and this one will be very important.

If you are a little bit like Bunky - noble, brave, kind, always trying your best to be good, yet, at times, feeling slightly grumpy and frustrated - you will easily recognise the struggles which the true heroes undergo. Will Bunky become the true Christmas hero? Let's find out together very soon! :)

With best walmful greetings,

Aleksandra & Bunky

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