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Being Grateful is the Key to a Very Bunkyful Life!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month: therefore, this month's blog is dedicated to the idea of gratefulness, as the feeling of being grateful has a profound impact on mental health.

Importantly, we live in the world filled with worries and chaos. We face injustice, challenges and hardships while, at the same time, we are constantly told what a blessing it is to feel "grateful". And even though we have already heard so much about feeling grateful, I believe that it is not overrated at all.

First of all, let's be grateful for the things that we do not have. In my novel, "Bunky and the Walms", Bunky learns how to be grateful for something he didn't receive (although he wanted to), how to be grateful for something else which he actually did receive and, finally, how to be grateful for others' happiness. These acts of gratefulness are more than challenging. Yet, let's try to be grateful for everything that we do not have, for if we had it, there would be nothing to dream about, nothing to hope for and no incentive to face another day! Every dream which we carry within us but has not materialised yet can be the source of gratefulness, as the path towards it makes us wiser, braver and nobler. And, in truth, it does not matter if we obtain it (even though, of course, we will try our best) - what matters is the path which I believe to be the most valuable part of life. Also, it may turn out that something not coming true may be a blessing too - we often see it from a wider perspective or, sometimes, after a passage of many years.

Now, let's acknowledge the things that we do have. It might come as a surprise to realise how much we actually have even though, at first, we do not see it that clearly. Oftentimes, I am surprised and grateful that the world exists at all with all of us here and all the intricate details of our daily lives. For instance, isn't it a miracle that somewhere, in this huge universe, the aroma of coffee or tea is floating around the house each and every morning; isn't it incredible that we can get up and step on a soft carpet or, perhaps, admire a beautiful view through a window, see a smiling face or even form a happy thought? Isn't reading or writing a miracle? The problem is that, oftentimes, these things are taken for granted and disregarded as ordinary. No, nothing is ordinary in this life. The universe is filled with different forms of thoughts and feelings. If only one happy, hopeful thought is meant to guide us throughout the day, be it. Feeling grateful is like a building block in the process of constructing a happy, fulfilling life. It is one of the foundations of life, too - without it, there is no starting point and no looking forward to anything. If we cannot appreciate the starting point, why would it matter to expect anything better or, at least, not worse, in the future? Finally, being grateful is enjoying each simple moment - like Bunky and the Bunky Princess do! Let's wake up tomorrow and count the colours of the blooming flowers or notice different shapes of clouds.

As the photograph below confirms, my little Bunkies found the key to the Very Bunkyful Life. "Bunkyful" - that is: beautiful, peaceful, noble, modest yet extraordinary life of everyday, little joys! :-)

Dear Readers, Dear Bunky's Friends, Dear All, we wish you a beautiful month filled with such little joys which, undoubtedly, will invite light and hope into our hearts. Also, please do not forget that May hosts Children's Book Week! Is there a better, more bunkyful month to go outside and read a book together? It will be one more beautiful joy on the vast background of things to be grateful for!

With many bunkyful wishes,

Bunky, the Bunky Princess and Aleksandra - the authoress of "Bunky and the Walms"

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Aria Ligi
Aria Ligi
May 10, 2022

This is a very interesting essay which gives one a new perspective on what it means to be grateful. I am always intrigued with the way Aleksandra approaches things and how she makes me think in ways I had not previously even considered. Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️ Pls note, I have shared this on my FB page as well since I am sure there are others who could benefit from it.

Aleksandra Tryniecka
Aleksandra Tryniecka
May 10, 2022
Replying to

Dear Aria, thank you so much for your beautiful comment! I am so happy that you enjoyed reading my blog! I think that we are able to shape our vision of the world and the world itself through our thoughts, words and attitudes! I always love your perspectives too - especially the ones expressed through poetry! Also, I am so grateful for learning from you much more about several important historical figures - thanks to you, my vision was altered in a very, very positive way!❤️❤️❤️

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