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Bunky and I are feeling so grateful!

Dear Bunky's Friends, Dear Readers, Dear Fellow Authors,

today's blog post is dedicated to Mr. Tom McCaffrey. Last week, while celebrating the World Book Day, I wrote in my blog that it has been incredibly important to me that, after the publication of "Bunky and the Walms", I had the honour of encountering my amazing Fellow Authors and discovering their beautiful works. I cherish my Fellow Authors' works, since I believe that writing represents one's inner life, inner beauty, sensitivity - the very soul and heart of a person. In this way, my Fellow Authors' works have also become very precious to me and I have developed precious friendships which Bunky and I are going to cherish for a lifetime. Today I would like to tell you about my Fellow Author, Mr Tom McCaffrey. Yesterday I encountered such a wonderful surprise at home - my Fellow Author, Mr Tom McCaffrey, sent me his amazing books! I hardly deserve this joy and honour, but I wanted to express my gratitude, if only it can be done by means of any words! Even writers sometimes cannot find the right words and today I feel this way - I have no right words to thank Mr Tom McCaffrey for sharing with me his literary world of creativity and imagination, but I feel such gratitude and joy which, undoubtedly, made my day and will certainly make my entire week, month and the rest of my life - the rest of my life, because I will cherish these beautiful books as a token of our friendship. Here, below, you can find Mr Tom McCaffrey's works - I invite you to reach for them as well!

You can discover Mr Tom McCaffrey's works here:

Dear Friends also, if you have enjoyed reading our works, please remember to leave us a review - it gives us, the Authors, wings to fly - so that we can create much more!

Happy World Book Month, Dear All!

With love and gratitiude,


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