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Bunky, His Friends, and Aleksandra Visit "Books That Make You" After Receiving the Bookfest Award!

It is with great joy and pleasure that Bunky, the Bunky Princess, Plum, Rodney, Rudolph the Reindeer, and I would like to present to you this episode of the amazing "Books That Make You" programme with the wonderful Desiree Duffy! We are so grateful for this beautiful opportunity to meet and chat about my books: "Bunky and the Walms" - the Christmas novel which received the 2nd place in Children Chapter's Books Category on the Bookfest: Fall 2022', and about my newest book: "Women's Literary Portraits in the Victorian and Neo-Victorian Novel".

I would also like to invite you to follow "Books That Make You" in order to be up to date with the magical World of Readers, Authors, and Books!

You can find the links below:

Join us on Books That Make You, for exclusive giveaways book reviews and more: Web:

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