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From the Novel: Bunky Encounters the Glorious Deer

Dear Readers, please find below an excerpt from the novel which will allow you to get to know Bunky, the Hero of this year's Christmas, a little better. Enjoy! :-)

With best wishes, Aleksandra & this Year's Christmas Hero, Bunky


“The world needs you,” announced Rudolph quite unexpectedly.

On hearing this, Bunky fell to the ground, but soon he put himself together and got up. The entire world needed him! It was too much for someone even as heroic as Bunky. “Your friends need you,” “the city needs you,” even “Walmland needs you” sounded better than the entire world needing him! Bunky decided to be brave though.

“That’s rather . . . unexpected,” he mumbled, looking attentively at his blue mittens. In fact, he didn’t want the Reindeer to realise how dizzy he was. Heroes shouldn’t be dizzy at all events, but still, the entire world needing him was slightly too much. The Bunky Princess would be proud of him, he thought. Bunky pinched himself in order to make sure that it was all a dream, but it turned out that he was facing a complex reality.

“The world needs you,” repeated Rudolph the Reindeer, looking at Bunky with his soft, peaceful eyes.

Yet, Bunky experienced some inner hesitation.

“Today?” he groaned, “I wanted to have Christmas! I’m having winter holidays! I don’t attend school this week and I was hoping for peace and quiet!”

Rudolph stared at Bunky thoughtfully. Santa Claus told him that Bunky was the Chosen Hero. Was it true? Santa Claus used to be right, as he could read others’ hearts.

“Perhaps this complex heart hides a true, noble flame that could save this year’s Christmas?” the Reindeer thought.

“Yes,” he said peacefully, still carefully looking at Bunky, “And it is about Christmas. I’m glad there is no school this week.”

“Blah,” said Bunky inaudibly, as he didn’t want to offend Rudolph the Reindeer. In fact, he was extremely impressed by the Deer’s appearance. As it is with Bunkies, he felt everything in his heart much stronger than others. Bunkies are always guided by emotions and now, in Bunky’s heart, there was a tiny flicker of the true Hero coming back to life. Something began sparkling there and he felt that the world needing him wasn’t so bad. It would be worse if the entire galaxy required his help. The world was still much smaller than the galaxy and much more manageable.

“It could have been worse,” thought Bunky comfortingly. He also realised that he didn’t want the Reindeer to get offended and leave. There was such an excitement in this new adventure! Bunky began thinking that, actually, he could do something about the world needing him—perhaps, somehow, the Bunky Princess would learn about his courage and come to Walmland in order to see this brave Hero?

“Are you really Rudolph the Reindeer?” asked Bunky, more out of amazement than out of suspicion, “Can I pet you?”

The Glorious Deer lowered his head so that Bunky could scratch him behind the ear. Bunky removed one of his blue mittens and patted Rudolph on his head. The Reindeer’s fur was as soft and silky as his ethereal voice. After petting the Deer and scratching him behind the ear, Bunky noticed a glistening stardust on his paws. It had a lovely scent of gingerbread cookies and milky cupcakes; the scent of home, Christmas, joy, and safety.

“I believe you,” said Bunky, “You are Rudolph the Reindeer and it is all truly magical!” In his amazement, he forgot about uncertainty and fear.

Rudolph calmly nodded his head.

“Why does the world need me today?” asked Bunky with curiosity and decisiveness in his voice, as if saving the world was a daily, casual affair. (...)

...Dear Readers, if you are curious what happened afterwards, please reach for your copy of "Bunky and the Walms: The Christmas Story"! Let's dive into Bunky's Christmas world!...

Did Bunky save Christmas?

Did he become the Christmas Hero?

What does it mean to be the Hero of one's life?

Did Bunky encounter the Bunky Princess - the literary character about whom he was writing his novel?

Where did Bunky travel?

How did his life change?

.... all the answers are in "Bunky and the Walms: The Christmas Story"!

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