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One Bunkyful Year of "Bunky and the Walms"! The 13th of October 2022' and our First Anniversary!

Zaktualizowano: 22 gru 2023

Dear Readers, Dear Fellow Authors, Dear Friends,

It is incredible that it has already been one year!! On the 13th of October 2022' we celebrated one year of my book "Bunky and the Walms" published by Wipf & Stock/ Resource Publications!!! The photograph above was taken exactly one year after the publication of "Bunky and the Walms" - on the 13th of October 22' - and Bunky, the Bunky Princess, and I wanted to recreate the scene from the 13th of October 21', which was the original photograph initiating our literary journey (you can see the original photograph below)! We are all one year older and richer with the most beautiful and precious memories created together with you.

We hope that the 13th of October 2022 will mark just the beginning of our literary adventures together! In less than a year, my book "Bunky and the Walms" received 9 literary awards, including the Book of the Year 21' from the Chrysalis BREW Project and the Oustanding Creator Award. Bunky, the Bunky Princess, and I were given a chance to appear on numerous podcasts, attend book fairs, read our book together with our Readers, create a series of Bunkies' adventures on my YouTube channel, and, actually, what is the most precious, create the fairyland of Walmland together with our Readers: laugh, find little joys together, and believe in the power of magic, noble hearts, and dreams in the difficult world which suddenly opened up to us with so much hope, kindness, and goodness. Seeing Bunky, the Bunky Princess, Rodney, and Plum becoming our Readers' friends was the most bunkyful dream coming true! There are no words to thank our Readers and Friends for the constant support and for showering my Bunkies with so much love. Dear Readers, Dear Fellow Authors, Dear Friends, I am honoured and grateful to encounter each of you on this magical literary journey between the 13th of October 21' until the 13th of October 22' and beyond - for I have encountered amazing Friends for whom I am grateful beyond words and it wouldn't be possible without "Bunky and the Walms". I also wanted to thank my Publisher, Wipf and Stock, for offering me so much support and kindness on my first literary adventure. I wanted to thank Chris and Bess for bringing to life the look-alikes of our original beloved characters, so that every Reader can take Bunky and the Bunky Princess home. May it be just the beginning of the greatest of journeys together - the bunkyful journey into the world of literary imagination! "Bunky and the Walms" is always waiting for you in bookstores and online stores, including and Amazon. In the meantime, we will be creating new literary realities and adventures for you!

We are so grateful to each of you for making this journey so special!

With love,

Aleksandra, the Bunky Princess, and Bunky

PS. Dear All, please never forget that, as Bunky believes, "every dream is a kind of reality"!

Aleksandra with Bunky and the Bunky Princess

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