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Underneath the Stars, Where Reading and Imagination Thrive...!

Dear All, welcome to the bunkyful month of July! Life has been quite hectic for many of us and it is our fast-paced environment we are living in which will be the starting point for this month's blog. Where can books and literature be situated in our fast-moving world? July - the month of the summer vacations - appears to be the best time for this discussion! July is the month during which many of us consider rest and detachment from everyday life, and then, in the end of the day, find ourselves unable to fully detach from daily routines and duties. How did that happen? At times, it seems to me that the modern pace of life is so fast and work-oriented that it is becoming increasingly impossible to relax and fully rest - even during the holiday. By "work-oriented" I do not mean quality-oriented tasks or satisfying results but, instead, a constant, subconscious feeling that something is supposed to be done and that, while resting, we are not doing that something. This feeling is closely related to the aforementioned fast-paced environment in which not only we might feel guilty of taking time away from daily routines, but also, while actually taking this time away, we are still surrounded by information, devices and hustle and bustle of the world. In such circumstances, not only it is impossible to rest one's mind, but also it is beyond oneself to perform any quality work or derive joy from life.

The answer to the trials and tribulations of daily life can be found in books and in the immensely beneficial act of reading. Books are the door leading to a better world and higher quality of life. Yet, sometimes, we have to learn how to pass through the door again. Obtaining higher quality of life and peace requires effort and willful engagement. Life has been so hectic that many of us cannot concentrate on reading anymore and what had been the true joy of the past, becomes a menial task of the present. For many, reading is no longer joyful, because they are going through the constant feeling that something has to be done and that they have to keep on moving without a clear knowledge what has to be done. Technology and devices became another force driving imagination away and distracting one from peace, even though they can be also used in a hugely beneficial way - if used wisely. Obtaining a huge number of information within a blink of an eye can be an immense asset, as well as a huge drawback hindering the use of reason and imagination - it all depends on how one will use the gift of technology.

Imagination can thrive in the quiet, with one's focus on the written word. Reading and imagination are the two ingredients for the perfect, holiday-like rest in one's own living room, without travelling miles and miles away. Yet, daily routines of the modern world have discouraged many of us from taking this time off or allowing ourselves to dive into this happiness without vague regrets that we "could have been doing something else in the meantime".

In my novel "Bunky and the Walms", I decided to create the world in which Bunky is always writing by hand and reading in bed before sleep; it is the world where one can stop and think, find answers based on reasoning and experience, and delight in literary worlds without worrying about an overwhelming schedule. It is the world filled with nature which uplifts and revives one's spirits - for nature offers inner peace and the perfect conditions for reading, writing, and being creative. My hope was to present the world in which life is real and experienced with one's heart - for Bunky is travelling through literary worlds with his whole heart, without being distracted by daily routine. I hoped to create the world where imagination and reading improve the quality of life and allow one to develop vast horizons of creative powers. At the same time, I am not advocating the end of technology, for I believe that everything - when used wisely - can prove greatly beneficial. Yet, benefits come with strong will, as well as with the ability of drawing the line between one's professional and private life.

Currently, while working on the second book dedicated to Bunky's adventures, I invite the Readers to step into Bunky's world and watch short videos from Bunky's summer. These videos are especially dedicated to the youngest Readers, but also to all the Readers who feel young at heart and who, like Bunky, would like to step aside and take time to read, go on a bicycle trip, or delight in camping:

Dear All, this July and during the entire summer, I invite you to lead a very bunkyful life and dive into your beloved literary world without a single regret! It may not be easy at first but, eventually, it will bring into your lives so much joy and peace! It will re-open the door we have been looking for!

With best wishes,

Aleksandra, Bunky & the Bunky Princess

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