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Bunky Visited the Novel Discourse Podcast! The 20th of January 22'

Zaktualizowano: 22 sty 2022

Dear All,

Bunky and I are grateful for a wonderful conversation with Mr. Sam Clark from the Novel Discourse Podcast! You can click on the links below in order to listen to our conversation! If you enjoyed it, please subscribe to the Novel Discourse Podcast for more wonderful conversations here:

(The links are under the video.)

Dear The Novel Discourse Team,

thank you for having us and thank you so much for a great conversation!

Aleksandra, Bunky and the Bunky Princess

The Novel Discourse Podcast:

Listen to our conversation! :)



The 3rd option:

Aleksandra Tryniecka joined us this week to discuss compelling female protagonists, what modern day writers can learn from Victorian literature, and why the meaning of Christmas is a year-round lesson to be learned.

Aleksandra is an Assistant Professor of Neo-Victorian literature at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Poland and the author of "Bunky and the Walms: The Christmas Story". You can find her at

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